Spherical Activated Carbon

Spherical Activated Carbon

ACarbon® SP series is the latest generation of spherical activated carbon processed with special ion resin as raw material and using the world's leading spherical activated carbon production technology.

With high strength (hardness), high purity, low ash, low impurities; it gets very smooth surface with bright, high spherical shape, particle size from 0.1mm~0.9mm.

 Product Features

①  Free of harmful substances:

      Its chemical element compositions are C, H, N, O only, which do not contain any substances harmful to human body, such as: heavy metals, toxic chemical elements, etc.


②  Low ash:

      The resin is a synthetic chemical material with few impurities after  refined by scientific chemical process, so taking it as raw material, the activated carbon gets very low ash content.


③  High strength:

      After carbonization, the characteristics of its carbon molecules makes its strength greatly increased than that of similar carbon produced by other raw materials. Under the same density, its compressive strength is much higher than that of other similar products.


Personal Protective clothing, gas mask, gas canister (for confined space)

The chemical protective clothing that made of spherical activated carbon is light in weight, good air permeability, low resistance to water vapor, good protection against chemical warfare agents, and great comfortable to wear. Protective clothing based on spherical charcoal can be used after multiple laundries, in contrast to the clothing based on powdered activated carbon.

  High-end water treatment:

  • Drinking water filtration: SP series resin-based spherical activated carbon does not contain adhesive, avoiding the microplastic environmental problems that may be caused by traditional carbon filters; Spherical activated carbon with smooth surface and uniform particle size, has good rolling property and low flow resistance in liquid adsorption. High fluidity, low dust and precise particle size distribution make it ideal for adsorption on small filters with high removal rate of residual chlorine.
  • Industrial ultra-pure water filtration: SP series resin-based spherical activated carbon with high purity, high strength, high wear resistance; no adhesive in production with less dust; widely used in monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon, silicon wafer cutting, solar cells, semiconductor material process and biomedical pure water, ultra-pure water production.
  • Industrial wastewater filtration: SP series resin based spherical activated carbon has uniform smooth appearance, good fluidity and high sphericity, low resistance to gas or liquid flow, with high adsorption surface area, very suitable for adsorption on the fluidized bed; it can be reactivated repeatedly with a attrition rate of less than 1%, resulting in extremely low operating and maintenance costs.

  • Pharmaceutical Used.

            ——Spherical activated carbon for oral drugs (represented by KREMEZIN for kidney disease, oral anti-diabetic drugs)

            ——Blood purification (Hemoperfusion apparatus)

            ——Pet drugs (for kidney disease and emergency pet detoxifier)

            ——Enhancer of anti-anemia effect of erythropoietin, selective exclusion of antibodies, electrochemical detoxification of biological fluids and bioelectrode materials, etc.

  Polysilicon production:

SP series resin-based spherical activated carbon has high purity, high strength, high abrasion resistance, low dust and very low impurity content, so resin-based spherical carbon is widely used in the production process of high-purity polysilicon to adsorb impurity compounds, thus producing polysilicon with stable quality.


④  Energy storage:

Resin-based spherical activated carbon facilitates the flow of electrolyte and the infiltration of electrolyte into the electrode, which makes it easier to form a electronic double layer, thus increasing the specific capacitance of the capacitor; its high tap density makes the capacitor easy to obtain a relatively high volumetric energy density; it has developed pore structure and well chemical stability. Therefore, resin-based spherical activated carbon has become a more ideal electrode material for super-capacitors.

Products Recommendation

Typical Specifications
  Specific Surface Area: 1000 m²/g min.

  Iodine Number: 1000 mg/g min.

  Hardness: 99%min.

  Particle Size: 0.5-0.9mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.15-0.25mm

  Bulk Density: Approx. 600kg/m³
  Specific Surface Area: 1300 m²/g min.

  Iodine Number: 1300 mg/g min.

  Hardness: 99%min.

  Particle Size: 0.5-0.9mm, 0.3-0.8mm, 0.15-0.25mm

  Bulk Density: Approx. 600kg/m³

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