Renewable Raw Material Activated Carbon

The sustainability of activated carbon products mostly depends on its raw material. That's why at ACC, we're increasingly using renewable resources as raw materials.

At present, the activated carbon based on wood, coconut shell, bamboo and other renewable raw materials has accounted for 80% of our activated carbon products. We are also actively testing new raw materials, including resins, in order to be able to offer a more sustainable product portfolio in the near future.

ACC is currently the most complete variety, the highest level of technology, the most widely used renewable resource activated carbon supplier in China. Our products are widely used in oil and gas recovery, solvent recovery, biogas/natural gas desulfurization, siloxane treatment, liquefied natural gas mercury removal, pressure swing adsorption (hydrogen purification), all kinds of water treatment, military and personal protective equipment, food and beverage, medicine, energy storage and new energy, etc.

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