Bamboo Based Activated Carbon

For sustainable development, ACC is committed to the research, development, marketing and sales of renewable raw material activated carbon; bamboo based activated carbon is its important part and is also our core products currently. As a biomass renewable resource in China, bamboo continues to be abundant and in constant supply; the raw material for the production of activated carbon from bamboo is sufficient and stable, the steam activation is environmentally friendly and sulphur-free, energy recycling; it can reduce 3.67 tonnes of carbon emissions when producing one ton activated carbon; bamboo extruded activated carbon has a well-developed pore structure, with a microporous ratio of up to 90%, and a large specific surface area (1100-1500m²/g), low ash (10-12%), strong adsorption capacity, small usage per unit volume, low comprehensive application cost. At this stage it is mainly used for coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, natural gas and other desulphurization and purification; solvent recovery, pressure swing adsorption, catalyst carrier, etc.Currently we can produce extruded activated carbon, powder activated carbon and crushed activated carbon.

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