ACarbon® Acitvated Carbon


Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery
Our advanced AC provides exceptional adsorption, rapid desorption, and a prolonged lifespan. It efficiently separates and recovers various organic solvents and vapors, ensuring effective performance across a wide range of applications.
Activated Carbon for RNG/Biogas
Our AC is adept at efficiently eliminating impurities such as HaS, siloxane, VOCs, and nitrogen from RNG/biogas. Our comprehensive phased approach guarantees a customized solution that perfectly aligns with the user's specific requirements.
The Automobile Series comprises AC designed for cabinfilters and fuel car carbon canisters, catering to variousvehicle types. Our products have garnered recognitionfrom international leading auto parts suppliers and renowned automobile manufacturers.
Super Capacitor Activated Carbon (2) (1) (1).webp
ACarbon EDLC Series AC is specifically designed for supercapacitors, this type of activated carbon exhibits remarkable adsorbability and releases electric currents by facilitating the movernent of electrons between conductors.
Activated Carbon for Human Protection
ACarbon products ensure robust defense against harmful elements, including smoke, gas, and particlesWidely applied in acid prevention, military, and CBRN respiratory protection, they play a vital role insafeguarding against various pollutants.
Activated Carbon for Anti-sublimation
This AC derived from natural plants, offers high specificsurface area, low ash content, developed pore structure.and excellent anti-sublimation performance. This ecofriendly product is used in stamping, ink, paint, textile,printing, and as an anti-dye sublimation agent.
Activated Carbon for Chloramine Removal
This AC excels in water contaminant removal with superior catalytic activity, adsorption, and strength. Treated for extreme purity, efficiently eliminates organic compounds and chlorination by products, meeting food-grade standards and NSF/ANSI.
Activated Carbon for Oil and Gas
We offer top-tier activated carbon that tailored for diverse oil and gas applications. Widely employed for mercury and sulfide removal, purifying hydrogen through pressure swing adsorption (PSA), gas storage, and more.


Steam Activation
Our BAC has a well-developed pore structure, with microporous ratio up to 90%, and large specific surface area (1100-1500m²/g), low ash, strong adsorption capacity, small usage per unit volume, low comprehensive application cost.
Wood Based Activated Carbon
Chemical Activation / Steam Activation
ACarbon® WAC has the characteristics of high specific surface area, high CTC, high hardness, high activity, low ash, low impurities, and low flow resistance. It can effectively regulate the pore distribution structure and is widely used.
Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
Chemical Activation / Steam Activation
ACC can conduct detailed and rigorous particle size distribution control according to customer application requirements and provide flexible particle size distribution.
Spherical Activated Carbon
Ion Exchange Resin Based 
Latest generation of spherical AC, it gets very smooth surface with bright, high spherical shape, with available particle size from 0.1mm~0.9mm, specific surface area:1000-1600 m²/g. Can be customized according to customer needs.
Super Activated Carbon
Special demands require special design.
Tailor-made AC designed by our R&D Dept. for supporting customers' specialized application segments. Developed products properties, such as super high surface area(1300-2500m²/g), super high purity,etc., and customized particle size, adsorptivities.
Precious Metal Carrier Activated Carbon
Empowering catalysts with precious efficiency
Specializing in catalyst services, we offer custom design, development, and optimization. Our expertise includes recovering precious metal catalysts, optimizing catalytic synthesis, and providing solutions for industrial wastewater and waste gas treatment.

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