• Equipment

      We imported international advanced Vertical Grinding Mill production lines and high-level automated control system from Japan. Hence our technology and production equipments have reached the top level in China.

    • Raw Material

      GGBFS is obtained by quenching molten iron blastfurnace slag (by-product of iron and steel making) in water or stream, the glass content can be above 98-99 with very stable quality.

    • Technology

      With more than 20 years' production and application history in slag cement,we have rich experience in production and quality control of GGBFS & slag cement, all these are our technology backstopping and guarantee for GGBFS.

    • Quality

      GGBFS has consistent fineness with well-graded particle size distribution and high hydration reactivity which requires a lesser demand of water for standard consistency; the surface area can reach 420, and activity index can be above 75 for 7 days and above 95 for 28 days.

    • Transportation

      Being located around bohai bay, our production lines are quite close to the main bulk cargo loading ports in north China (Jingtang port/Caofeidian port), which has favorable marine transportation conditions for both bulk cargo and bagged shipment.

ACC GGBFS Technical Datasheet

BS 6699:1992

The above ACC GGBFS specification refers to analysis performed using the GB Test Methods for GGBFS.

Package & Transportation

With rich domestic and export shipping experience, we can provide with various package & transportation modes to meet different clients’ requests.

Bagged Container Shipment/Break Bulk Shipment

ACC GGBFS is supplied in UV-proof and aging-resistant jumbo bag according to GB/T10454 and EN ISO 21898, which is suitable to be stored in a severe environment for long term.

Packed in 1500kgs jumbo pp bag with PE liner 

17 bags (25.50mt) into 1 x 20ft.container

ACC exports GGBFS also in break bulk shipment. There are break bulk vessels to main ports of middle east (say Jebel Ali, Hamad, Kuwait.etc) every month.

Bulk Cargo Shipment

GGBFS can also be shipped by bulk cargo vessel, which is filled into the vessel from bulk truck by pneumatic equipment directly. We have been exported to Singapore、United States.etc by bulk cargo vessel for a long time with rich bulk loading experience. With self-owned bulk truck, our vessel loading capacity can be 7,000mt per day.

Engineering Application Examples