ACC® Silicon Materials

From top class silicon material manufacturers, we offer various types of ferrosilicon, high-purity silicon, silicon metal, silicon metal powder and polycrystalline silicon.

R&D ability in high-end silicon materials and those with special applications.

We Offer high-quality, low-phosphate & low-boron metallurgy level silicon metals and high-purity electronic grade silicon metals, with P17ppm,Ti250ppm,B10ppm.

Double quality control from manufacturer side and ACC side.

Application specification

ACC provides with silicon metal powder, silicon metal and ferro silicon based on different specifications upon clients' requests. They are widely used in smelting industry, chemical production, foundry industry.etc. 

ACC GGBFS Technical Datasheet

BS 6699:1992

The above ACC GGBFS specification refers to analysis performed using the GB Test Methods for GGBFS.