Anthracite Filter Media

ACC® Anthracite Filter Media

ACC Anthracite Filter Media manufacturer is the only one in China that uses Japan-imported rotary screening machine, automatic dust removal and washing & dehydration devices in production process by twice sieving and dust-removal techniques.

ACC Anthracite Filter Media manufacturer owns five varigrained semi-finished product warehouses, from which all the products will be rescreened, dust-removed, and packaged.

Strict quality control: NSF certified; conforms to AWWA-B-100(USA) and JWWA-103(Japan) standards.


Drinking water and industrial process water as well as various types of common pool rapid filter, double and triple filter, all kinds of sewage filters, mechanical filters and water purification chemicals, metallurgy, thermal power, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, food production before and after the water treatment.


ACC® Anthracite Filter Media Package