Xiamen All Carbon Corporation (ACC) is established in 2005 that devotes itself to the top connection of CUSTOMER TO MANUFACTORY for global market. We own the top-class Chinese manufacturers for selection, help to monitor the production process and ensure product quality for clients. By offering various transportation modes, saving transaction costs, we provide top quality products at reasonable price and special CUSTOMIZED SERVICES. Currently our service scope includes: Purification, filtration & adsorption materials, building material additives, and silicon materials,etc.


Customer achievement and Self development


To Meet the Demands, Build the Trust, Streamline Transactions and Make Business Easy.


ACC manufacturers are the top class within the industry, they are the suppliers for main clients and Fortune Global 500 in the related areas.

 ACC manufacturers own strong ability in R&D and customization, we can offer comprehensive solutions.

 We integrate different varieties of manufacturers within the industry to ensure one-stop service under ACC platform for various demands from customers.

 Double quality monitoring from both manufacturer side and ACC side, to ensure product quality. 

With adequate logistics system, we can offer different types of logistics services.